Community Partners Network (CPN)

  • Do you plan or participate in community events that promote inclusion of individuals with disabilities?
  • Do you conduct accessibility surveys of businesses and public places?
  • Do you post information on disability issues on social media?
  • Do you provide information to consumers, businesses and others in your community on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other disability legislation?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then you may be interested in becoming a member of the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center’s (ADA Center) Community Partners Network (CPN). There is no charge for membership.

Mid-Atlantic Community Partners NetworkThe CPN is an initiative to bring together individuals who provide information on the ADA as part of their jobs or advocacy efforts. Membership in the CPN is offered to those who have an understanding of the ADA and use their ADA knowledge to encourage compliance with the ADA. CPN members partner with the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center to disseminate information on the ADA through community outreach events and other ADA-related activities. 

Please join this dynamic group of colleagues from across the Mid-Atlantic Region to learn, share, and support the implementation of the ADA!

Why Become a Member of the Community Partners Network?

  • Financial Assistance for Community Outreach, Public Awareness, and ADA Training Activities

    • The ADA Center may support CPN members who are staffing public awareness exhibits, hosting ADA training sessions, or conducting other ADA-related activities in their communities. The ADA Center may contribute towards exhibit fees, effective communication, room rental, and other costs needed to facilitate these activities, and will also provide materials, such as signage, giveaways, and appropriate ADA resources.
  • CPN Member Training

    • Scholarship opportunities: CPN members can apply for a discounted registration rate to attend the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center’s Annual ADA Conference.
    • Webinars designed for CPN members: The ADA Center will host at least 2 free webinars a year for members only. These webinar topics will be based on survey feedback from the CPN members.
  • Member-only Distribution List

    • The CPN member-only distribution list will allow members to share best practices and resources, as well as ask questions of this diverse group of colleagues. The ADA Center Information Specialists will monitor communication to assure that correct information is being shared.

To find out more about joining this exciting initiative and learn about the selection process, please e-mail Barbara Van Dyke, ADA Network Liaison at the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, or call 1-800-949-4232 in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, or the District of Columbia.

Community Partners Network (CPN) Application