Title II - State and Local Government Network

If you have job duties in a state or local government agency which include ensuring implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • You plan or participate in community events that promote inclusion of individuals with disabilities OR
  • You conduct accessibility surveys of government buildings and public places OR
  • You post information on disability issues on social media OR
  • You provide information to consumers, businesses and others in your community on the ADA and other disability legislation

you may be interested in becoming a member of the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center’s (ADA Center) Title II Network.

Mid-Atlantic ADA Title II Network

The Title II Network is an initiative to bring together ADA coordinators and other professionals in state and local government agencies who work to ensure implementation of the ADA. Membership in the Title II Network is offered to those who have an understanding of the ADA and use their ADA knowledge to encourage compliance with the ADA. There is no charge for membership.

Please join this dynamic group of colleagues from across the Mid-Atlantic Region to learn, share, and support the implementation of the ADA!

Why Become a Member of the Title II Network?

Title II Network Listserv

  • This listserv for members only will allow members to ask questions about the application of the ADA and share information and resources. The listserv will be monitored by the ADA Center information specialists to assure that correct information is being shared.

Materials for Public Awareness and Educational Activities

  • The ADA Center can support Title II Network members who are staffing public awareness exhibits by providing materials for the display. Materials for training and educational events can also be provided upon request.

Title II Network Member Training

  • Scholarship Opportunities: Title II Network members can apply for a discounted registration rate to attend the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center’s Annual ADA Update Conference, held each September near Baltimore, Maryland. Members can also apply for partial scholarships for other ADA training.
  • Webinars Designed for Title II Network Members: The ADA Center will survey members to determine what topics are of interest. The ADA Center will host at least 2 free webinars a year for members only.

Are You a Professional in a Law Enforcement, Corrections, or a Public Transit Agency?

You may want to join the Law Enforcement and Corrections Network or Transit Network as well. These networks are offshoots of the Title II Network, but will focus on the unique concerns of ADA implementation within those agencies.

To find out more about joining the Title II, Law Enforcement and Corrections or Transit Networks and learn about the selection process, please e-mail Barbara Van Dyke; ADA Network Liaison at the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, or call 1-800-949-4232 in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, or the District of Columbia.

Title II Network Application